Activ Retinol 1.0 Anti-aging Serum Intensive  by Dermaceutic laboratories of renovating the quality of the skin and reduces the signs of aging.

Dermaceutic - Activ Retinol 1.0 - Anti-aging Serum Intensive - 30ml

  • This highly concentrated serum retinol (1%) will regenerate the skin by renewing skin cells, fight against the signs of aging and reduce wrinkles, correct the problems caused by the sun as the spots on the skin, so to improve the quality of the skin. It also contains vitamins C and E that will ensure the proper formation of collagen to improve the quality of the skin and protect it from external aggression to restore its beauty and elasticity. The Activ Retinol 1.0 serum also contains ceramides, panthenol, allantoin and mineral cocktail that will have the power to intensely hydrate and nourish the skin to strengthen the skin barrier.

    Results: The skin is restored and signs of skin aging are reduced.


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