Modeling Mask Facial

The everyday impact of the environment on our skin can begin to take its toll. Whether from sun exposure, pollution, or simply the effects of ageing, over time our skin can become dull and begin to sag.


But your skin has the unique ability to take in beneficial nutrients and repair, helping revitalize and re-energize the skin’s tired appearance.

What is Modeling Mask Facial?

Here at CHIC, we offer medical grade solutions for rejuvenating the epidermis.


Our modelling facial masks use a specially formulated combination of ingredients to leave your skin looking healthy, fresh and youthful – giving you the confidence andpeace of mind that you look your best.

Collagen or Vitamin C?

When considering this treatment you will undergo a private consultation with one of our skin experts to assess the best treatment for your unique skin type and to fulfil your aims and objectives.


Once this consultation is complete you will be advised to proceed with either a Collagen Modelling Mask Facial or a Vitamin C Modeling Mask Facial.


Vitamin C

The oxidation of the skin is a primary reason for the skins ageing and dull appearance. Using a combination hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid the collagen modelling mask effectively prevents oxidation of the skin, protecting it from sagging and the effects of ageing whilst improving skin elasticity.


This gentle treatment will leave your skin with a healthy smooth glow whilst preventing redness and irritation. The collagen modelling mask will also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Improving the quality of our skin is dependent on the delivery of revitalizing vitamins and minerals deep within the cells. This facial uses Vitamins E and C to increase oxygen supply to the skin cells to stimulate regeneration.


This unique formula will improve skin tone and the appearance of dark circles and blemishes. The vitamin C in the mask will help improve the skin’s elasticity and vitality.


This facial is particularly beneficial for hyper-allergic skin and provides deep moisturizing nutrition.


One 60min Session


60 min. Session

How does Modelling Mask Facial Work?

When yourself and one of CHIC’s skin experts have decided that our Modelling Mask Facial treatments are right for you, we will then begin the procedure. We will first steam and cleanse the face to remove makeup and dirt.


Next, we will gently exfoliate the skin ready for the application of the Collagen or Vitamin C intraceutical booster. Once this is complete it is time to apply the modelling mixture to the face and neck.


This will then be left to work for 10- 15 minutes to allow the revitalizing effect to take place. The mask will then be peeled off and booster and cream applied, leaving you with radiant looking skin. The total treatment time is 60 minutes.

 Get in touch with us to book a free consultation and skin assessment to see if this treatment will be appropriate for you.


Since opening the doors of our sophisticated clinics in 1988, the team at Chic Skin & Laser Clinics has been privileged to receive an array of significant landmark awards.

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