Genesis facial is a procedure to correct virtually any superficial blemish including Rosacea, sun damage, freckles, age spots and acne. Using non erosive light, a genesis facial addresses, damaged skin tissue or hyper-pigmentation without harming healthy
cells. Genesis facial incorporates the use of broad spectrum light which reaches multiple layers of skin to help warm and stimulate the bodies natural healing process, as well as collagen growth underneath the skin. These two factors allow the genesis
facial to address both the outer most surface of the skin as well as the tissues beneath it. This gives a refreshed appearance and healthy skin with no downtime.

FACIAL – $450 – PRE-PAY 3 – $900

NECK lIFT – $300 – PRE-PAY 3 – $700

CHEST RESTORE – $350 – PRE-PAY 3 – $750