Micro needling fractional radio frequency (MFR) has fine needles which puncture the skin to deliver the radio frequency to the deeper levels of the dermis, providing a three dimensional delivery of energy maximizing skin volumization while dramatically
tightening and refining the skin.

Roll Back The Years With Fractional Microneedle RF


1Micro needle Cartridge is placed on the skin surface
2Micro-needles penetrate inside the skin
3Bipolar RF energy is directly applied to the target areas
4Collagen regeneration and new elastin production process begins.

Skin tightening and lifting.

Retexturizing and refining large pores.

Wrinkles around the eye area, lip and neck.

Reduction in stretch marks, Acne scars and acne sterilization.

ONE | $695
PRE PAY 3 | $1200